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She would normally give me a shy smile and get more passionate.

A few months before our anniversary, during our sex sessions, I mentioned to her that maybe she would want a massage again for our anniversary this year.

On our last anniversary I had arranged a special massage for Hina and this year in February our anniversary was nearing again.

After the massage experience, Hina had not really talked about it that much, but during our lustful times when engaged in sex, I often reminded her about the wonderful time we had.

I had been planning this in my mind for years so I relayed the plan to her to which she reluctantly agreed.

After many email and picture exchanges I narrowed it down to 2 guys whom I agreed to meet at the local mall.

Note: Please read my earlier two posted stories if you want to enjoy this story fully and completely.

* It finally happened, after many years of fantasizing on my part and over the years slowly opening up my shy, conservative wife Hina, my ultimate fantasy has finally become fulfilled.

One evening asked her to talk to me about this and to not shy away.

She said it was a nice fantasy but she is not sure if she would want to do it in reality, I asked her why and she gave me a multitude of reasons, from religious reasons, to word getting out to my love for her.

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