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A rare talent, Vanessa Redgrave comes from a long line of actors.Her father, Sir Michael Redgrave, was on stage when he learned that she was born.Redgrave added Tony Award winner to her long list of accolades in 2003.She won for her performance as the morphine-addicted matriarch in Eugene O' Neill's .

Alf Dubs said, if we don't do that and if we don't follow the laws and the conventions, than fascism will creep in.Still stricken by grief, Abdullah Kurdi has said politicians have done too little to stop both the war in Syria and deaths of migrants at sea.The 41-year-old lost his wife and two children, including 3-year-old Aylan.Outside the Academy Award ceremony, members of the Jewish Defense League protested Redgrave's nomination and presence at the event.She called the protesters "zionist hoodlums" in her acceptance speech for .

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