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I tutored High School students while in college and I've never seen workloads (or done them myself! What a healthy view of the process of learning and adjusting to the different personalities and needs of our daughters.

Teens are more stressed because parents don't have time... Have you seen the stress that school alone heaps on them now? My daughter tells me straight up that school is the problem and yet she's a top student. Thanks again for starting the conversation in a healthy way:-) Alice I have a big problem I don’t know what I do. She is good in all things; religious, study well , working hard in everything she share in.

In fact, the mistakes I make are even more shocking given my immersion in the topic.

I write because, by nature and by training, I am an observer of emotional dynamics.

It’s not easy being a teen girl and not easy parenting one.

More than previous generations, today’s teen girls face a daunting range of stressors that put them at risk for serious issues including self-harming behaviors, substance abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and depression.

A lot of girls who come to therapy are stressed and lack the ability to cope in healthy ways.I tutored High School students while in college and I've never seen workloads (or done them myself! has a good self confident personality (sometimes) because sometimes she is not.Talk to people in not shy way and at the same time polite. She is so good with me and her father and sister and has sometimes fight with his brother, she is the youngest.When I hear about problems with some girls I thank my God about having her.We talk with each other about everything, she is very sensitive.

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Because the teen years are an important time for girls to build a sense of identity and a repertoire of healthy coping behaviors, both are always on my radar.

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