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You can find guys and other transsexuals popping by her apartment to have some sexual fun.She is no stranger to hardcore and having a very dirty time!If any of you are curious about where you can find me, I’ll still be around on Hentai Foundry and tumblr and I’ll be trying to archive the Phantom Futa pics there as well. If I recall my anatomy classes correctly, it turns out that “line” or “seam” of flesh running down your ballsack?I also make a few personal commissions that here and there, so please feel free to check them out. Maybe a certain big-dicked superfuta will show up in my gallery someday soon? That’s the result of the genital folds fusing together during fetal development of the penis and scrotum, whereas in females it would have developed into a vagina.This sweet girl has a lovely smile and you would expect to see her living across from you as the girl next door rather then sucking your cock.However she is on her own now and making the best of it as she now has her own personal porn site where she gets to do the things she loves.A little luck, and a talant for blackmail, could be the futanari porn answer to all of Yuriko's dreams!

So grab whatever pics you can while the site is online, and I wish everyone all the best in their future endeavors. So I’d say Mistress Livia’s choice of armor definitely tickles my fancies!

Or the fact that to the left and right of her, you can see that there are more “cells” that are probably holding more slutty specimens for the hungry crowd to eat up with their eyes!

Ashley George - If you love young and sexy shemales then Ashley George just might grab your attention.

But then again, I’m a huge raging nerd like that XD Art by Shadman ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Website ~ Tumblr Okay, so since Futanari Obsession and the Patreon will be taken down, Futa Fan has given me permission to post the Phantom Futa pictures we’ve commissioned over the years to my personal Hentai Foundry page. The story is that a schoolgirl transforms into a jungle fertility goddess to fight evil. Anasheya’s in fine form once again with this picture, bringing us bright colors, a gorgeous body and of course a lovely cock to worship!

I’ll be putting them up there, complete with whatever written descriptions or short stories accompany them so that they will at least be visible somewhere online once the site is shut down. We’re not Hey Gang I wanted to give you a heads up that I’ll be talking the site within the next few weeks. – Rexxon Art by Anasheya ~ Hentai Foundry So we’ve actually had a guest writer feature a pic of this fiery redhead before, but I honestly fell in love with her design so much I wanted to talk a little about her myself!

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