Freddie highmore dating emma roberts

We certainly got on very well," he said."The more intimate moments weren't really embarrassing in any way. "Highmore revealed that he kept his character George's signature overcoat after filming finished."We found it in the 26th Street flea market," he noted.

Of course, being a Redgrave, a Fonda or a Fox probably helps in securing that first foot in the showbiz door.

‘I’m a huge Kate Hudson fan and I think it’s totally cool that Goldie Hawn is her mum! I was at her house a few weeks ago hanging out with her and the twins (Julia’s six-year-olds, Hazel and Phinnaeus). ‘Well, yeah, I guess my mouth is similar,’ she concedes. When I was younger, I wanted to get them filed down.’ Her teeth, for the record, are fantastic.

To me, she’s just Aunt Julia.’ Emma doesn’t even believe they look alike. The Art of Getting By is likely to make anyone over the age of 18 nostalgic for their own teenage trysts and the heart-wrenching crushes impossible (thankfully) to replicate in adulthood.

Curled up in a large armchair, she is crackling with excitement about this evening’s US premiere, which her family will be attending with her, and to which she will be wearing Temperley.

‘It’s going to be a total princess moment,’ she enthuses.

Her new film, The Art of Getting By, in which she stars alongside 19-year-old British actor Freddie Highmore (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), will be out in the UK later this week.

And sure enough, as I perch in the plush anteroom of a hotel suite in New York’s So Ho, awaiting my appointment with Emma Roberts, I can’t help but recall a scene from Notting Hill (one of her favourite films, she later tells me), starring her Oscar-winning aunt Julia.Sometimes we need some parenting, and sometimes we end up acting like the parent ourselves.Some days I wake up and I feel 12; other days I wake up and feel, like, 37! ‘We had a really good time working together, hanging out in New York and enjoying the city. My friends are all, like, “Emma, Emma, where’s Freddie Highmore? He’s still about nine years old.” Seriously, my friends are 25 and they are all in love with him.’Los Angeles-based Emma’s conversation is littered with the ‘kind-ofs’ and ‘likes’ of most 20-year-olds, and she is constantly checking messages on her mobile phone.But unlike most 20-year-olds, she already has more than a decade of acting experience.Emma made her film debut, aged just nine, playing the daughter of Johnny Depp and Penélope Cruz in Blow.

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  1. I couldn’t think of life without this person.’As well as contacting the police, Julia reported the case to various internet sites in the hope of blocking “Matt’s” profile, but because no criminal offence has been committed, there was apparently nothing that could be done to stop it.