Dreamweaver 8 updating site cache

This should be set to the URL with the subdirectory: Go to the next page of the table and check the home value.

So, if the default permalinks work, and you’ve tried creating and editing your .htaccess (Linux) or web.config file (Windows), then call your web host.If you CAN view all your pages using the Default permalink settings (in other words, the pretty urls are turned off), then the issue is related to the .htaccess file on Linux/Apache hosting or not having a web.config file and rewrite rules enabled on a Windows server.You may need to check with your web host about how to make this work properly. – and all of your images on the site will still be located in the if you are having troubles with your “pretty permalinks” in other words, the home page of the site displays okay, but your subpages display a File Not Found message, then login to your Word Press dashboard and go to Settings Permalinks and click Save Changes.This should cause your .htaccess file to be updated correctly.

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If this does not work, you may need to move the .htaccess to the root directory and manually replace the current Word Press mod rewrite directive with the code below.

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